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Career at Surgical State

Join highly motivated Surgical State Team.
SURGICAL STATE’s vision is commitment to high quality with excellence that exceeds customer expectations through dedicated employees.

We are seeking people with a high level of education, experience and good personalities with strong creative talents, entrepreneurial spirit, international orientation, and a genuine appreciation of lifestyle in Pakistan.

Surgical State aims to recruit and develop the best potential. For us, recruitment is an investment: the objective is to build up a pool of talented individuals who will be able to head business processes. We offer positions to work with Surgical State for all of its functions: design, marketing, sales, quality control, finance, human resources, production etc. Surgical State welcomes achievers and visionaries in every field to be part of this prestigious organization. Engaging the best minds in the business, nurturing them with care in a professional environment and bringing out the best in them is our continuous endeavor. Throughout your career with Surgical State, you will be provided with opportunities for professional, technical and personal development. In return, we expect you to work with dedication, integrity, and 100% commitment as Surgical State strives to become a world class medical instruments brand.

Join us and contribute to making Surgical State a global brand of choice for medical related instruments. Your success is important to us. As a leading corporation, head-office in Sialkot, Pakistan, we believe it is our responsibility to nurture and develop talented, motivated individuals.

SURGICAL STATE is an equal opportunities employer and aims to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives unfavorable treatment on the grounds of gender, race, color, ethnic origin, religion, or disability. All appointments are made on the basis of merit.

Opening Positions

Currently no recruitment is in process.

Apply for a job or internship
To apply for a position or an internship, please check openings at our website and apply by prescribed format. Your application will be processed by the HR department at the company. Candidates are selected on the basis of both their application and personal interviews.

Please note that applications against only the advertised positions are entertained by us. If you meet the requirements of an advertised position and wish to apply as per specified instructions in the advertisement:
Application form will be downloaded on positioin opening.

Send your application to,

Send to HR@surgicalstate.com

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Range of Instrument Extended
We extended our Instrument range in all Categories.

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Our new products are according to international standard and made with latest technology with 100% quality.

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